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Chiara Alessandro

Chiara Alessandro
Italian Fashion Blogger


Brand Rep. Checklist

1. Perfecting The Pic
Photos must be high quality, with clear backgrounds.  

2. Be the star of our show.
No extra people please, you're our focus here.

3. Make it iconic.
Historical landmarks are a favorite for Instagram & in our hearts.

4. Action, please!
Show us your moves or your sidewalk strut, be the blogger you were born to be.

5. Show us your top :)
Share your top 5 photos from the shoot with us. 

6. Create a buzz.
Let the world know how happy you are to be rocking our gown for your event.

7. Share your style.
Our team is here to help you style your outfit from A-Z

8. Shout Us Out!
Be sure to shout us out in your story the day you post.

9. Insert your Promo Code   Gain a percentage of our sales by using your promo code in your caption. $$$ 

10. Tag a few friends.                        Get the word out faster by tagging 3 new friends in the comments. 

11. Location Is Key.
Be sure to add in our location to your geotag.


12. #NaurahLadies
Show the world how proud you are to be a #NaurahLady by using our hashtag.

13. Edit like a pro.
Save us some steps if you've got some PS skills. 

14. Submit before you send!
All photos must be approved before being posted online. 

15. Wash & Set.
So we can share with other reps in the same condition. Care instructions will be included at pick up.


Swara, BollyHeels USA Founder

"Naurah USA is one of my favorite Indo-western clothing brand! It is the perfect blend between tradition and modern sense of style. It suits my urban desi attitude and value systems. Styles that keep my mom happy and my girl friends wanting to steal from my wardrobe! Most importantly, Naurah is a reflection of the ever evolving South Asian culture. It fuses the best of both worlds and Ayesha will create designs specific to your personality. When I wear Naurah, I believe my clothes tell a story about who I am, they make me feel like me! And that's the best feeling :) "


 Alyssa Raghu, American idol                               

 "I love how Naurah added my own style to the design so i could embrace who i was as a singer and a multicultural woman. The piece made me feel very special. It was all custom to the touch , fitting for my body type and that's very empowering to feel as a woman."


Chiara alessandro,italian fashion blogger

“Gli indiani sono gli italiani d’Asia. Si potrebbe dire con altrettanta certezza che gli italiani sono gli indiani d’Europa, ma credo che tu abbia afferrato il concetto. Sia gli indiani sia gli italiani hanno bisogno di una Madonna: non possono fare a meno di una dea, anche se la religione gliela nega. Sia in India sia in Italia ogni uomo diventa un cantante quando è felice, e ogni donna una ballerina quando va a fare la spese dietro casa. Per questi due popoli il cibo è musica nel corpo, e la musica cibo nel cuore. E le loro lingue…fanno d’ogni uomo un poeta e ammantano di bellezza anche la peggiore banalitè. Sono nazioni in cui l’amore fa di un gangster un cavaliere, e di una contadina una principessa, anche se solo per il breve istante in cui ti guardano negli occhi.”


Think you've got what it takes to become a Naurah Ladies brand ambassador?! Join us today and get started earning money, looking fabulous, and sharing your spunk with the world!


Open Positions

Brand Ambassador

The ideal #NaurahLady is driven, self-motivated, attentive to detail, and quite the social butterfly. Are you a city socialite looking to work with Naurah USA?


  • Minimum 5K followers on Instagram

  • An eye for photography (or have a friend that does!)

  • Interest in the fashion and entertainment industries

Fashion Assistant

Have a passion for fashion and looking to work with an international fashion brand? We're looking for you! Apply today if you meet the following:



  • Ability to attend pop up shops.

  • Prior experience in fashion show production and photoshoots. Photography experience preferred.

  • Ability to receive college credit for internship.

Personal Assistant 


Love Naurah USA and seeking to help us grow while developing your skills and network in the fashion industry? We're looking for you! Apply today if you meet the following:




  • Strong marketing and organizational skills.

  • Prior experience in fashion show production and photoshoots.

  • Experience working in showrooms and with buyer relations.





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