Follow These Steps For A Smooth Shopping Experience

1. (a) Pick your favorite design/s from either the FESTIVE or STATEMENT collection.
   (b) Send us a message with the name of the item to receive a price quote.

2. Don’t be shy to be creative!If you want to put your own spin on a particular design, feel free to set up a consultation over phone, email or chat.

 3. Most IMP - Please give us your most current measurements. For reference please see the chart below. Please be sure to include: shoulders, upper bust, bust, under bust, waist, hips, arm hole, full sleeve length, length from shoulder to waist, length from waist to ankles, shoulder to ankle length. If the item is a pair of pants, please include thighs and inseam. 



 4. Each garment, depending on the design can take 3-4 weeks including shipping. Please place the order ahead of your next event.

5. Shipping & Handling - Costs  are calculated depending upon volume, weight and final destination. These will be added to the final cost of the garment and due at the time of delivery.

6. Payments- We take a 50 percent deposit ( towards the total cost of the garment) at the time of placing an order. The final and full payment is due before the item is shipped/ at the time the order is picked up. We accept payments by all major credit cards/ checks/ venmo .

7. Each garment is unique, designed with our client in mind and made with a lot of love and effort . As we specialize in custom made dresses, we can not offer any refunds, exchanges or returns once the order is completed. 

 8. Please Note - The images on the site are sample designs and serve the purpose of a style guide. We do not replicate our designs a lot  as we want our clients to look unique. For this reason, we CAN NOT guarantee the EXACT same color/ material/ print on some or most outfits. However, we try our best to suggest the most similar prints, to keep the look as close to the originals as possible. You are contacted throughout the production process to help pick fabrics of your choice and create your dream design:) 

9. Send us few lines about your personal style . We love getting to know our clients a little more. Let the dream design process begin!

My first time wearing a Naurah piece consisted of an above average amount of time looking at the mirror to see how great i looked and a ton of compliments. My thoughts- don’t sleep on this. “Get your first Naurah outfit and feel like a million bucks at your next event!”
— Juhi Laungani

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