Article by Spy News Magazine

Emerging Talents is one of the Milan’s greatest fashion platforms dedicated to talented designers. Since 2016 the creative project has selected and promoted around 50 brands from 14 countries, to name some: Artuyt, eLSi Fashion, Don Alfo, FVCINA Luxury, Garnison, Karim Adduchi, Roberta Cenci etc.

Press Day Milan 2018 is a highly-curated fashion presentation dedicated to press and buyers, stylists and fashionistas. The 8th edition was hold in partnership with La Botanica Magazine, Spy News Magazine, TAERUS PR and Fashion Week Online. At this time the platform presented Vanda Fondunaeva (Switzerland), Naurah (USA), Naughty Sunday (Taiwan)


Label Vanda Fondunaeva was founded in Manila (Philippines) by designer Alisa Sibgatova in 2008. In the times when fashion dictates tendencies such as street style, unisex and oversize Alisa Sibgatova fiercely puts focus on femininity, sharp lines and clear shapes. “My models have character,- designer says.- And I underline it with hand weaved cords.

Colorful weaves reflect women’s evolving nature.” Unique hand weaving is the distinctive mark of the brand. The designer creates collections for women of all ages and styles who aren’t afraid to stand out and be attractive. Alisa Sibgatova uses only high quality Italian fabrics: silk, cotton, genuine leather. Main theme of the collection is powerful and mysterious East. Looking at the prints and details on the models you can easily imagine blooming Japanese gardens, skies at the dawn, field with bright and beautiful flowers. 

The designer emphasizes bomber jackets in Asian style, jeans with Japanese brocade details, blazers with hand weaving, corsets, anime style jackets and of course important to mention the brocade is covered with silk organdy. The center of attention is transformative skirt made of 8 wedges with zippers that can be mixed as your mood tells you. Classic East culture is aligned with modern manga, anime and even ninja style. All silhouettes are feminine, sharped and thought out. (READ INTERVIEW WITH THE DESIGNER)



Founded in 2017 by Ayesha Khanna, the brand Naurah USA has emerged with the vision to expand and diversify from its original Indian Couture line, which has been based in India since 2001.
Born and brought up in India, Ayesha has been living in the New York City for more than a decade now. Her love for fashion fusion and bringing together fashions from east and west have inspired her to create Naurah USA brand from scratch. The general perception about Indian clothing is that it is heavy and can only be worn on occasions such as weddings or festivals, but Naurah USA exclusive collections are made to change that mindset.

Naurah USA has expanded to Milan in partnership with Dress You Can & TB Milano Showroom, and the Indo-Western ready to wear and custom made clothing line is getting an overwhelming response on this major success.


Taiwanese Naughty Sunday brand concept is based on “New Oriental” as inspiration. Naughty Sunday collections help the customers to discover the Asian culture and heritage.

The sunglasses are combined with Chinese traditional element, jump out the limitation of frame and reinterpret the diversified style of Naughty Sunday.